New Heating systems​

NRG will work with you to evaluate your home heating needs, efficiency goals and budget to install the best heating source for your home or business.

Furnaces (oil & gas powered)​

  • Forced warm air: A furnace blows heated air through a series of ducts that deliver the warm air to your rooms via air registers or grills. ​

    • New energy efficient furnaces use an inducer fan or condensing technology to control exhaust gasses and recycle water vapors.

Radiant Heat​

  • Systems of tubes that run under your flooring carrying heated water. This warms the floors, thus warming your family from the feet up. While still relatively new, the concept is that heat rises. Rather than blowing heat up into the air, to dissipate before felt by individuals in the room. Radiant heat "radiates" from the floors warming bodies and thus reducing use of secondary heating sources.

Heat Pumps​

  • Heat pumps are growing in popularity due to their energy efficiency and ability to produce heat AND air-conditioning​

    • During the summer, the air-conditioning works by transferring heat from warm indoors to the outdoors, during the winter months it reverses and pulls heat from the outdoors then heats and distributes the heated air thru your home


  • Ductless mini-splits are one of the fastest growing heating systems. ​

    • Ductless mini-splits run off of “ductless” heat pumps which pass air thru refrigerant rather than water or air. This is considered to be very cost-effective when replacing electric heat, and offer excellent support to existing heating systems