Cooling Services in Windham, Derry, NH & surrounding areas

Fuel NRG has been repairing and installing air conditioning units across southern new Hampshire for over a decade.​

Ductless AC​

Ductless AC​

If your residence doesn't have central heating or cooling, a great alternative is a ductless air conditioner. Ductless AC systems, such as radiant panels, space heaters, and hydronic systems, are often the perfect fit for room additions and smaller units where adding ductwork isn't possible. If your existing ductless AC is in need of repair, Fuel NRG technicians are standing by to fix any ductless air conditioner manufacturer.​

Central AC​

Central AC​

Central air conditioning both cools and dehumidifies a home during the summer months. NRG Management will not over size your air conditioning system; instead we will describe your A/C options. At NRG Management, we are central air conditioning experts.​

AC Repair

From installing a new, energy-efficient AC system to fixing a broken unit, NRG Management has the experience and skill to keep you living comfortably. Our team of technicians is certified in all popular brands of HVAC units. We offer annual maintenance plans that guarantees same-day service with zero overtime charges.

Time to replace​

  • Your air conditioner or heat pump is 10 plus years old.​
  • You're paying more for your electric bills despite no changes in the utility of your machine.​
  • You hear a growling, rattling, or squealing in your AC Unit.​
  • You place your hand over your vent, and you don't feel any cold air or if you feel warm air.​
  • Your outdoor compressor fails to spin while your indoor fan runs.​
  • Ice accumulates on your system.​
  • A circuit breaks as soon as your compressor starts.

Time to repair​

  • Your air conditioner or heat pump is in good condition and under 10 years old.​
  • Your air conditioner or heat pump is still covered under warranty.​
  • Your utility bills have been inconsistent. ​
  • Your AC unit is making odd sounds.​
  • Your AC unit appears to be a bit off.​
  • Parts of your AC Unit are not functioning properly or do not work at all.​

Smart Thermostats​

An excellent way to conserve energy and keep your utility costs down is to install a smart thermostat in your home. Products such as Nest and Ecobee put your home's temperature control at your fingertips from anywhere around the world and can help you maximize your system's efficiency. The problem, though, is when your thermostat malfunctions, so too can your HVAC system. NRG management is on call 24/7 to troubleshoot, repair, and replace your smart thermostat.​