Using Kerosene for Outside Fuels​

Fuel NRG delivers the highest quality K-1 kerosene for both on or off road applications right to your home or business. ​

In New Hampshire the weather dictates much of what we do, that includes our heating oil choices. If you have an outdoor oil tank on your property you are familiar with deciding if you are going to put #2 heating oil in during a deep freeze. #2 heating oil can thicken or "gel" and reduce the efficiency of your furnace during the time of year you need it most.​

The team at NRG has options for you that do not require swapping out equipment or even heating options. It's Kerosene.​

Kerosene, by nature, resists freezing and is an excellent option for many home and business owners. It can easily be delivered into your existing external heating oil tank without damage to your fuel lines!​

Choosing the right fuel and understanding the advantages for your heating system is important, the team at NRG will review your needs and help you determine if Kerosene is the right option for you.

Benefits of using Kerosene during cold winter months

Benefits of using Kerosene during cold winter months

  • Fuel Flow - Because Kerosene resists freezing it will keep your existing heating system operational and efficient during the winter.​
  • Fewer Service Calls - Allowing your #2 home heating oil to "gel" can be costly and lead to emergency service calls to thaw your lines. Because Kerosene does not freeze this will mean less service and more savings for you and your family.​
  • Additives - #2 Home heating oil requires a expensive additives to prevent freezing or "gelling" Kerosene does not require any additives.​
  • No Hassle - Fuel NRG can seamlessly switch your fuel delivery from home heating oil to kerosene and back again when you are ready.

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