Heat Pump Service:

Heat pumps have grown in popularity and offer a significant amount of options with heating your home. Just like any heating system, proper maintenance is required to get the most of your heating investment. During your heat pump maintenance, an NRG professional will monitor your air filters, clean coils, fans and ensure your air is flowing properly throughout your home or business.

Proper Heat pump maintenance from NRG will...​

Proper Heat pump maintenance from NRG will...​

Increase Energy Efficiency: Proper heat pump maintenance can provide up to 25% more energy efficiency than a unit that has not been serviced. ​

Lower Operating Costs: By discovering and addressing minor issues NRG Fuel professionals are able to prevent and often reverse what could turn into costly repairs.​

Extend heat pump lifespan: As with any machinery, heat pump parts will wear over time. Proper maintenance will ensure lubrication of parts that tend to wear, replacement of problematic parts before they can cause serious problems​

Save time and money: proper maintenance takes less time and costs less money than expensive emergency heat pump repairs.