Furnace Maintenance in Windham, NH

For over 10 years NRG Fuel has been providing 24/7 service, repair & heating fuel to home and business owners across southern NH. ​

Regardless of the type of furnace you choose for your home or business, it is critical to have regular maintenance. Proper and regular maintenance will protect your family from dangerous buildup, save money by ensuring maximum efficiency and extend the life of your equipment. Home and business owners wishing to save money on heating or replace their existing furnaces should contact NRG Fuel for the best local service, premium equipment and transparent pricing.

Furnace maintenance: Furnace maintenance for homes and businesses in New Hampshire is critical for maintaining safety and efficiency. Your furnace may be the last thing on your mind until it stops working. While NRG fuel will be there for you in case of an emergency, we strongly recommend a regular maintenance program to protect your home and business.

What's included in a furnace maintenance visit?​

  • Vent, air intake & grill inspection​

    • Remove any blockages​
    • Blower motor inspection​

      • Testing amp draw​
      • Check for & remove debris​
    • Inspect electrical connections​
    • Inspect thermostat calibration​
    • Inspect belts for signs of wear & damage
    • Lubricate all heating system parts​
    • Check & replace air filter if needed​
    • Test safety controls & startup cycle​
    • Heat exchanger inspection​​
    • Check for corrosion or damage

Furnace replacement - most new oil furnaces have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating between 80%-90%. This, in comparison to Gas's 89%-98%

You should discuss your heating needs and budget with an NRG professional to help pick the right furnace for you and your family.

  • Oil Furnace replacement - Oil equipment provides more heat per BTU than any other heating source on the market. NRG professionals can install and maintain your oil furnace heating system to ensure years of efficient use and safety.
  • Gas Furnace replacement - Natural gas furnaces have lower heat per BTU but often is off set by the reduced maintenance costs and fuel prices. The professionals at NRG will help you chose the right gas furnace replacement for your lifestyle and budget.